WORCESTER – Harpoon Brewery CEO and co-founder Dan Kenary told the Worcester Economic Club Wednesday evening that business leaders should work to make capitalism a team sport by changing the system in places that would better spread wealth, stamp out greed and improve working conditions.

Mr. Kenary took the stage Wednesday evening to lead the last 2016 meeting of the club, hosted at the College of the Holy Cross.

“Thirty years ago, the average CEO made 30 to 40 times what their average employee made, and now it’s over 200 times. I’m not adjudicating for major changes, other than for business people to show more restraint and not take advantage of the system. I think if you believe in the system like I do, there’s a creative force for good, prosperity that we need to be vigilant of and make sure it gets the support it needs in a democracy like ours, and restraint is one way to do that,” explained Mr. Kenary.

Mr. Kenary puts these ideas into practice working at the second oldest profession at Harpoon Brewery, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary since opening in 1986.

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Source: Telegram.com