WORCESTER – Fidelity Personal Investing President Kathleen A. Murphy gave a financial investment forecast in which millennials make up nearly half of the workforce, baby boomers are retiring at 10,000 a day and women, as a whole, are going to see the biggest shifts they have ever experienced in assets.

“Fidelity hasn’t gotten it all right,” Ms. Murphy said. “We are embracing innovation by pushing ourselves, pushing our boundaries, to show up differently because in this quickly changing world you have to change quickly in order to continue to be a leader and to be relevant.”

Ms. Murphy, who was the guest speaker of the 547th meeting of the Worcester Economic Club Wednesday at the Hogan Campus Center at College of the Holy Cross, said Fidelity Personal Investing’s common purpose is to inspire the better future of their customers and help them get better outcomes for their future.

And, she said, they do this by delivering the best customer experience in financial services.

“It’s not about the billions and trillions,” Ms. Murphy insisted. “Those billions and trillions represent real people who turn to us on one of the most important aspects of their life.”

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Source: Telegram.com