The Worcester Economic Club, which recently embarked on its 114th season, is one of the oldest such clubs in the country. And it’s completely virtual — there’s no building, no office. The club exists solely in the form of dues, which until this year have been $200 annually, as well as sponsorships from local businesses. The club hosts four or five events a year featuring prominent speakers.

“We’ve had presidents, vice presidents, senators, business leaders. We’ve had (economist) Milton Friedman and (Federal Reserve Bank chairman) Alan Greenspan. Larry Luccino (formerly one of the owners of the Boston Red Sox) spoke to us,” said club President Timothy E. Gray. While one might point to Winston Churchill (before he was the British prime minister) addressing the club in 1931 as a high point, the club has hosted leaders in government, business, academia, journalism and more. Read the full story here.